To support the health and social services reform, information about the structure, effectiveness and performance of these services is needed. Impro is a multidisciplinary research project seeking to develop new analysis methods for evaluating health and social services, and to support the development of more equal and cost-effective services.

The research is based on data in national social welfare and health care registers and spatial information. Our research team will analyse social welfare and health care structures, accessibility of care, care paths as well as the outcomes, costs and cost-effectiveness of care, both before and after the health and social services reform. As examples, we will select illnesses that play a key role in terms of public health and result in high levels of service use and costs.

Based on the results, models and planning tools will be prepared to support the service reform. The ‘Siun sote’ joint municipal authority in North Karelia and Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority will be pilot regions for the project.

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